IMPROVE your PHYSICAL and MENTAL HEALTH with PILATES in Garden City, Patchogue-Bluepoint and Roslyn-Greenvale

"Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness." - Joseph Pilates

Pilates Pilates
Pilates Pilates

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a type of exercise that dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. With a focus on breathing, alignment and spine mobility, Pilates improves flexibility and builds strength in the small stabilizing muscles to facilitate overall improved body function. This form of exercise assists in preventing injury, improving sport performance and facilitating mobility for everyday life activity.

Created by and named after Joseph H. Pilates from Germany in the early 1900s, Pilates was first used as a form of rehabilitation for World War II victims. Pilates later entered the US rehabilitation and fitness world via the New York Ballet after Joe immigrated to the US in 1926. Pilates has grown in popularity over the past several years, with interest from several actors/actresses, professional athletes and the general public.

Benefits of Pilates
  • Increases Core Strength
  • Increases Joint Mobility
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Improves Posture
  • Decreases Aches and Pains
  • Enhances Daily and Sports Performance
  • Improves Balance and Coordination
  • Relieves Stress
  • Boosts Energy
  • Improves Mind-Body Awareness
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Helps Digestion

How to get involved
At Metro Physical and Aquatic Therapy we offer Pilates Rehabilitation for those with current injuries and for those who are trying to prevent future injury. We view the body as a finely tuned, integrated system requiring balance, mobility and strength to enable it to perform at it’s best. We will teach you to move correctly in order to replace your pain, stiffness and restrictions with effortless movement.


Pilates Rehabilitation
If you have an injury or are experiencing pain, we recommend calling our office to schedule an evaluation with one of our movement based, Pilates rehab Physical Therapists. No prescription needed! Covered by most insurances. (516) 745-8050

Private Lessons
If you are interested in private Pilates lessons, please email Melanie Carminati at to schedule an introductory private package. This will allow you to get a Pilates program designed specific to your body and your personal goals. We highly recommend private lessons to learn specific positional body modifications to add to your group and home Pilates practice.

Mat Pilates Classes
We also offer group Mat Pilates classes to patients and the general public. Please see visit our Mindbody account to see our schedule and reserve your mat in the class of your choice. If you have any difficulty scheduling please call Melanie at (516) 745-8050 or e-mail her at

Class Descriptions

Intro to Mat Pilates: A beginner Pilates class taught on the mat, designed to improve your posture, alignment of your spine, core strength, flexibility, mobility of your joints and balance.

Intermediate Mat Pilates: A faster paced Mat Pilates class addressing posture, flexibility and core strength via intermediate Pilates exercises. Occasionally adding dynamic cardio and/or body weight training exercises while maintaining a Pilates alignment focus. Great class for the athlete of all ages!

Pilates Equipment Circuit: This class is designed to improve your mobility, flexibility, posture, core strength, upper and lower body strength and balance using our Pilates Equipment. The class is taught by one instructor with "stations" at each piece of equipment and you will rotate from one "station" to another with the guide of the instructor. We have brand new Balanced Body equipment including the Reformer, Trapeze, Tower, Chair, Spine Corrector and the Mat - which are all utilized in this class. (Highly recommend at least 2 Private Lessons prior to attending this class)

*Classes subject to change
*** Please email or call (516) 745-8050 for changes and bookings.

Pilates Class Rates
  • First Time Client Special: 1 free Mat Class.
  • 10-Punch Class Pass (Mat drop-in classes only): (expires 4 months after date of purchase).
  • Private Lessons: for a half hour with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Pilates Instructor. Lessons may include physical assessment, fitness and movement goal setting, mat and equipment Pilates exercises and home exercises to help you reach your goals faster.
  • Private Pilates Package Option: for 10 half hour sessions.
  • Semi-Private Lessons: per person for a half hour lesson similar to the private lesson described above.

I started working with Melanie as a physical therapy patient to help with lower back pain. I found Melanie after reading an article about her and how she uses Pilates as part of her physical therapy practice. After completing my physical therapy, I continued working with Melanie strictly on Pilates using the reformer. Pilates has totally transformed my body and has allowed me to still get full body workouts that do not strain my lower back. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Melanie as a physical therapist/ Pilates instructor. She is so incredibly knowledgeable, bright, professional, and most importantly she totally cares about my well being.

-Jennifer S.
Garden City, NY

"After two unsuccessful attempts at finding a quality physical therapy center, I decided to try once again, this time at Metro Wellness. I am so happy I did because they have exceeded my expectations. Their physical therapists have outstanding educational credentials, and are professional and caring. My therapist, Bre, understood my issues from the start and has designed a Pilates rehabilitation program which is helping me to meet my goals and is enjoyable. If you are looking for a professional facility with a unique type of exercise that shows progress quickly, I recommend Metro Wellness and their Pilates rehabilitation program."

-M. Carminio

After suffering a traumatic knee injury and surgery, I found myself in need of physical therapy. With the help of Metro Physical Therapy in Garden City and in particular therapist Breanna, I am finally on my way to recovery. Breanna's knowledge of body mechanics, her caring disposition and her lengthy experience in Pilates based physical therapy has been the perfect combination for my recovery. Working with Breanna has helped me to find happiness again in my everyday tasks, for that I am eternally grateful.

-Darlene S.

Until I met Melanie Carminati, my Pilates guardian angel, I was leading a very sedentary life. She was very thorough in evaluating my medical history and physical limitations. She patiently embarked on teaching me a Pilates regimen that incorporated various pieces of Pilates equipment. Melanie gradually expanded my program and is very sensitive to my needs and capabilities. As a physical therapist and a certified Pilates instructor, Melanie is very professional and concerned about my well being. I enjoy her Pilates classes and wish her continued success in her career.

-Dix Hills

For further information on our Pilates program please
email or call our office at (516) 745-8050.