Metro Classes


What is Silver Sneakers?

An aerobics class that is safe, heart healthy,and gentle on the joints. Increase strength, balance, and the range of motion needed for daily living.

What kind of exercises?

Hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and exercise balls are utilized for resistance training. Chairs are available for seated or standing support.


Metro is proud to offer dance classes based off of the internationally acclaimed Dance for Parkinson's Program of the Mark Morris Dance Group. Dance for Parkinson's promotes overall wellness and has both physical and psychological benefits. Researchers have studied the program to find:

• A 10.4 percent improvement from baseline
    in overall movement
• A 26.7 percent improvement from baseline in walking
• An 18.5 percent improvement from baseline in tremor"



Metro's Drumming for Parkinson's class incorporates repetitive and large movements which have proven to be successful components of a Parkinson's wellness program. This class focuses on rhythm and coordination in a group style drumming circle. The class is sure to be fun, drumming along to lively music with friends!