Dr. Jenna Dolan, PT, DPT

Garden City Physical Therapist

Dr. Jenna Dolan graduated with honors from Stony Brook University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Jenna completed clinical rotations in inpatient and outpatient physical therapy settings, and was fortunate to receive mentoring from several CFMTs and orthopedic manual therapy fellows. Prior to her career as a physical therapist, Jenna completed a Masters of the Arts in Applied Developmental Psychology at Boston College, with the intention of bringing a holistic touch and patient-centered approach to her practice. Jenna has a strong interest in orthopedics, manual therapy and men and women's health, and continues her education through the Institute of Physical Arts, the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, and the Barral Institute.

Jenna's favorite part of being a physical therapist is helping patients find autonomy and confidence in their bodies and their abilities.