Pain Management

At METRO Physical & Aquatic Therapy centers, treating people in pain includes thoroughly examining, evaluating and assessing the root cause of your pain. We then incorporate active therapies to address the specific cause. At METRO Physical & Aquatic Therapy, our goal is to relieve your pain and restore your function so you can have a better quality of life. We tailor our physical and aquatic therapy programs to fit your unique needs.


Millions of Americans live with chronic pain.

It's been estimated that 75 million Americans suffer with some kind of pain and 50 million suffer with chronic (long-lasting) pain. Of these, most will not see a doctor. Many feel that their pain is a "normal" part of living or aging processes. But the truth is that pain is not a normal condition and all pain has an underlying cause. All pain is treatable.

Our experienced physical therapists are especially sensitive to your needs. They know that many pain concerns are treatable:

Back Pain (Sciatica) & Neck Pain
Musculoskeletal Injuries
Pelvic Pain
Postsurgical Pain
Headaches & TMJ
Arthritis & Joint Pain


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