April is Occupational Therapy Month!

April is a special time of the year. Spring is here bringing warmer weather and sunshine. Not only is it spring, it is Occupational Therapy month! Occupational therapy is the therapeutic practice of everyday activities in order to improve a person’s ability to perform daily living activities. Occupational therapists help others to improve their basic motor functions and provide compensatory strategies needed for any loss of function. This year celebrates 100 years of the Occupational Therapy profession! Its centennial vision is “living life to its fullest”!

Metro Occupational and Physical Therapy in our fitness center provides occupational therapy services, teaching residents functional mobility with an assistive device (ie a walker or wheelchair mobility) as well as improving resident’s ability to safely perform transfers to different surfaces, such as a bed, chair, toilet, or shower in order to perform self-care and personal tasks more independently. Occupational therapy is a great way to take an activity that is purposeful and meaningful to someone and help them to return to their prior level of function while building motor skills, improving balance, and increasing strength and range of motion.

April is a wonderful month to remind us of how important Occupational Therapy is to keep you safe in your apartment and throughout the Atria Community as well as independent performing your dressing, bathing, toileting and grooming tasks. Let’s all promote this amazing field! Come stop by the fitness center today for a fall prevention screening and to ask any questions!