Frozen Shoulder

Do you have shoulder pain? Does your shoulder motion feel limited?  Frozen shoulder is a common condition that effects numerous people causing moderate to severe shoulder pain.  This diagnosis however can be easily treated by a skilled physical therapist.


Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition in which the capsule surrounding the shoulder becomes tight and therefore motion is limited and pain is present.  Due to the pain you begin to move your shoulder less and less and pain becomes more and more.

Physical therapists are able to treat your frozen shoulder by using advanced manual/therapeutic techniques such as joint mobilizations, trigger point releaseactive release and therapeutic exercise to decrease your pain and restore your motion.  The physical therapist will formulate a program that is customized specifically to your condition and needs.

Shoulder pain/frozen shoulder can impede on all daily activities and become a real nuisance.  If you think you are suffering from a condition as described or any other ailments causing shoulder pain, you should see a physical therapist to be evaluated and treated.